Best Multi-Room Bluetooth Speakers | Audio Pro Addon C3 Testimonial

Best Multi-Room Bluetooth Speaker
Best Multi-Room Bluetooth Speaker

Our Verdict

It has portability, multi-room skills, and also excellent audio quality in a fantastic bundle. The Audio Pro Addon C3 is a desirable cordless Bluetooth speaker.


  • Mature, refined sound
  • Impressive timing
  • Tight, textured bass
  • Open as well as in-depth shipment.
  • Solid build
  • Multi-room and portable


  • Control app could be slicker

Audio Pro’s strategy for its Addon variety of best multi-room Bluetooth speakers has been relatively easy. Toenail the style as well as top audio quality for the standard Bluetooth versions. After that, roll out multi-room variations of the same audio speakers.

Let’s Have A Deep Dive On The Best Multi-Room Bluetooth Speaker:


We’re not amazed by the arrival of the Audio Pro Addon C3. It’s essentially the multi-room, wi-fi variation of the Addon T3.

It looks virtually the same. The 9cm woofer splits a pair of 75mm tweeters in what we’ve affectionately called Audio Pro’s koala’ arrangement (the Coal Black surface does not reveal the furry organization instead of in addition to Arctic White or Storm Grey).

Like the T3, there is a rear-firing bass reflex port – although Audio Pro’s designers have modified the C3’s port to give it a more tapered form, which they claim boosts top sound quality.

The measurements equal as you leap from T3 to C3, and also, they additionally share the innovative style touches we’ve pertained to value from Audio Pro. The textured surfaces and embossed leather bring handle are matured for a wireless speaker at this type of cost.

The Audio Pro is a neat plan with eye-catching proportions. It’s appropriately portable yet could not get called light sufficient to be hauled around in a rucksack throughout the day.

The Addon C3 is probably much more suited to placing on a patio, mounting in a holiday residence, or positioning on a desktop computer.

If you desire something with more stringent outdoor qualifications, we’d recommend looking at competitors such as the Ultimate Ears Megaboom or JBL Xtreme.


While enhancing wi-fi and multi-room rate, Audio Pro has needed to make a couple of sacrifices to suit them.

Compared to the T3, the C3 loses the back USB port and, in addition to it, it can bill a smart device. In its location, you’ll find an ethernet outlet for hardwiring the speaker to your home network.

Adding brand-new wireless functions has also influenced battery life. You get around 9 hours of playback at 100 percent volume and much as 15 hours at 50 percent, contrasted to 12 & 30 hours, respectively, with the T3.

It is not the end of the world, though, mainly when you consider rivals multi-room speakers, such as the Sonos Play:3 or LG WK7, have to connect to a mains socket wholly.

Contrasted to other versions in its Addon range, the Audio Pro C3 gets a new-look leading panel. It’s busier, however, nicely laid out, with a brand-new resource selector switch as well as LED indicator for Bluetooth, wi-fi, and its 3.5 mm input.

The center’s quantity control has a brand-new vertical design, and the Bluetooth and pairing switches are currently combined right into one.

Being a member of Audio Pro’s multi-room household, you additionally obtain four preset switches. These can get appointed to either net radio terminals or any playlists you’ve put together on your music streaming solutions.

That means you can obtain tunes playing without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

The Audio Pro Addon C3 sustains all the mainstreaming solutions, consisting of Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, and Apple Music.

Playback is controlled using the Audio Pro Control app for iOS and also Android. It is not quite the seamless experience offered by Sonos’ comparable application. However, neither is it seriously flawed.

Set-up is a painless procedure, whether you select a Bluetooth or wi-fi link. At the same time, you are setting up a multi-room system, the application searches for various other Audio Pro speakers around the same network.

From here, you can drag-and-drop to a group or separate speakers, either in stereo sets or multi-room areas, and make hands-on modifications to bass and treble must you want.

When you’re managing songs with Audio Pro’s app, there’s a slight hold-up between tapping control and also the speaker obeying, but in the grand system of multi-room apps, it’s effortless to get along with that.

Customers to either Spotify or Apple songs will undoubtedly need to keep appearing on the app to look at their songs collection. It is not the end of the world (those predetermined buttons are available and functional here). Yet, it leaves the entire experience feeling a little bit disjointed.

There’s no voice aide directly built-into the C3. Audio Pro has got selected to allow Alexa control through the Alexa app.

Our experience is favorable enough, but the feature only deals with Amazon Music, so clients to Spotify, Tidal, and others will need to stick to the primary app.


Audio Pro has created a reputation for brilliant-sounding wireless audio speakers, and the C3 is no different.

The degree of improvement from such a small plan is hugely outstanding. It delivers the lead vocal from Chvrches’ Miracle with a pure and magnificently sweet tone. Unfavorable attributes such as sibilance as well as cruelty don’t exist in the C3’s sonic vocabulary.

It’s concentrated audio, however airy and also open with it. There’s no expensive 360-degree spread of noise below– the C3 is extra direct in its distribution, but it does not have trouble filling up a decently sized room with top-quality noise.

At both high and low quantities, the speaker succeeds, sounding vibrant and punchy when the track needs; however, it can reduce the speed and communicate in a subtler method should the demand occur.

Songs sound all-natural, as well as the Addon C3, takes care of to catch the rhythm essence of any track tossed at its feet, from the chaotic path beaten by Alt-J’s Breezeblocks to the more calculated, probing bassline of SBTRKT’s Higher.

The C3 handles seem weighty, delving deep and also rendering each note with detail and structure. By multi-room speaker requirements, this is hugely improved performance.


The Addon C3 is one more excellent enhancement to Audio Pro’s toolbox of multi-room speakers.

It has taken an existing T3 speaker and repackaged it into a sensational-sounding multi-room recommendation that offers rivals, consisting of Sonos, a severe run for their cash. And you can not ask for more than that.

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