5 Best Personal GPS Tracker Reviews


The best personal GPS trackers are beneficial things to have around. If you’re in the routine of wandering away from the beaten track into the wild locations that are left worldwide such as national forests or forest appointments, then carrying a hiking-grade personal GPS tracker can be a life-saver. These are battery-powered wireless receivers that get signals from orbiting GPS satellites, converting this data into a position on earth to report back to a smartphone app.

Suppose you’re carrying a personal GPS tracker and get lost or hurt. At the same time, away from civilization, your enjoyed ones or a rescue party can use the tracker software application to find you again. You do not need to carry one of these yourself. You can put smaller-sized designs on a car, bike, float airplane, or other lorries (or valuable items) so you can find it anyplace it winds up.

Many trackers have some wireless connectivity, which implies they can report their place back to base. Regrettably, this needs to get paid for – a continuous data preparation fee is a possibility if you’re using a tracker a lot. However, there are other options too.

Trackers such as these shouldn’t be as replacements for specific medical items – we have recommendations for the best fall detection sensors and the best medical alert systems in other places on the website. Simply in case, you’ve fallen, and you can’t get up.

1. Area Gen 4: Best personal GPS tracker in general

The Spot Gen4 is for hikers that need to know you can find them when going out into the most remote locations. Thanks to satelliting GPS and messaging functionality, this will keep you safe, and others know about your area with ease. The battery life deserves shouting about as it is excellent for a whopping 436 hours, and with the usage of changeable AAA batteries, these can get extended even further.

The Spot Gen4 is a little large however features a carabiner for easy attachment to a pack. It’s likewise challenging and developed to endure the outdoors. The mapping functionality is customized so you can track the GPS from this locator using the dedicated app. You can see that life or in history mode, with information stored for approximately three years after it’s taped. The SOS feature that contacts emergency services is an actual stick-out specification of this system.

Prices differ as preparation for data service. The longer you commit, like for a yearly plan, the more cost savings you can make.

2. Tile Mate: Best budget plan GPS tracker

The Tile Mate is the alternative option that is not technically a GPS device. If it is lost, instead, it utilizes Bluetooth and a connection to your smartphone to find it. That works the other way, too, since the Tile has a button – double-tap this, and the app on your linked phone will produce noise so you can discover your phone.

The Tile Mate features a changeable battery, which is excellent for around a whole year, depending upon how much use it gets. That is very economical to replace. When you consider that it also doesn’t require a subscription, this is a budget-friendly choice. That is more for secrets, bags, and products like that, rather than people. Considering that the idea is that this will let you understand where you lost the connection to your phone, if the items relocated after that point, it may no longer exist. The Tile does release a noise when required, making discovering it much more manageable.

3. AngelSense Guardian: Best for susceptible kids and the senior

The AngelSense Guardian is the perfect GPS tracker for children and the elderly. Because you can connect it to the person by utilizing a key. It also uses a useful two-way talk mode, permitting an individual to speak to the user in an emergency. Wi-Fi usage, 3g and 4g integrated with GPS, indicate you can see the individual’s location on a map, inside too, for emergency services if required.

Vehicle alerts are beneficial, letting the guardian understand if the wearer has left an area, is a late house, and checks bus trip development. That even has an action counter built-in for health tracking. When the price may be higher than some, with a regular payment dedication needed, this uses more services and in-depth controls than most competition.

The battery life isn’t the longest; however, since this is rechargeable and offers numerous connected functions, that does make good sense.

4. Samsung SmartThings Tracker- Best GPS tracker for belongings

The Samsung SmartThings Tracker is an excellent tracker that does it all in a tiny package. That provides 4G LTE and GPS for live tracking inside an IP68 case that’s excellent for all-weather and damp. While a parent can go live to track a child, for example, utilizing the app with a map, this is also good for pets, seniors, and more. Usefully, you can use it to send out an SOS if required.

You can set up Geofencing with the app so that you get information if the tracker leaves the designated location you’ve set – perfect for parents that desire to keep their child’s school borders as limitations throughout the day.

Battery life is up to a nice week, but real-life use will likely be less. However, it depends upon how routinely you set up the device to ping you a location. The unique offering that sets this apart from the competition is the inclusion of a year’s 4G LTE service with an honestly economical purchase price.

5. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7: Best lorry GPS tracker

The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 is purpose-built for tracking automobiles. That is an incredibly compact system that is battery-powered, so you can place it in the car glove box or connect to its underside as required. The optional magnetic and water-resistant case works here.

The 4G connection suggests instant and accurate location on need utilizing the dedicated smartphone app. The Rapid Track mode is a great function that follows in even more quick, real-time for turn-by-turn clarity.

Battery life is excellent for 15 days in standby or continuous usage for 15 hours at a time before requiring a charge. You can set up Geofencing and custom-made alerts, so you have comfort with the vehicle without the requirement to check up. A panic button is another helpful function, permitting it to get used by an individual too.

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