Gifts For Fashion Designers | 14 Mind Blowing Gifts Review

Gifts For Fashion Designers

Exchanging gifts on happy occasions is a way of expressing your love. Though love can’t be expressed with material goods, a meaningful gift that will define the recipient’s likes or personality speaks for the goodwill of the giver. While feeling overwhelmed by looking through myriads of giftable articles, one might feel the need to give something related to the recipient’s profession.

Handing out gifts according to the profession filters out unnecessary items and helps the receiver make the most out of the simple gift. While you will easily find various blogs about gift-worthy items to please friends, family, relatives, or friends engaged in a common profession, this writeup is dedicated to fashion designers. Here you will find a list of versatile gifts appropriate for budding fashion designers. Happy Gifting!

Easy-grip fabric scissor

When you work to make a single piece of fabric look extraordinary with unique cuts and colour combinations, an easy-grip saw fabric scissor is essential. A useful scissor is a great gift for the person who makes his/her living by creating fashionable outfits from loose pieces of clothes.

Fashion themed cake

A customised fashion themed cake to celebrate the talent of fashion creativity is quite unexpected. Surprise your friend with your choice of fun flavours and quirky designs with the help of a friendly online cake store.

Designer curved ruler

Curved rulers to get the angle right on tricky corners could be a thoughtful gift. You could easily get hold of a box with designer rulers that will aid your designer friend to design something extraordinary.

Mannequin body torso

Thinking about getting something large and productive? How about a mannequin body torso that could flawlessly allow the budding designer to work on her/his adjustments and last-minute alteration before working with an actual model.

Biographies of successful fashion designers

Professional life has its highs and lows, while your friend has you to share their joy with, motivating books could effortlessly pull his/her out of lows. Inspiring biographies of thriving fashion designers could be a perfect gift.

Marking pencil

Lasting coloring pencils to mark raw fabrics before stitching and sewing apparel together could be a pretty simple yet useful gift for any designer who likes to be through with every step of the outfit creation.

Tabletop essentials organiser

A table organiser to hold all the small essentials like buttons, pencils, markers, lines, etc will be a time saver during tight deadlines.

Sketchbook & sketching pencils

A set of sketchbooks and sketching pens will save your friend the trouble of worrying about restocking her office with loose sheets for drawing test designs.


Vibrant watercolours are important to give the final look to the dream design with a combination of appealing colours so that the client could be moved with the creativity of the designer.

Portfolio case

A leather portfolio case can be very handy while going to meet clients. It will make sure your friend carries her/his important documents, drawings, and necessary paperwork without any trouble.

Inspirational mug

Gift inspirational mugs for rejuvenating coffee/tea breaks and restoring your friend’s spirit on busy days.

‘Fabulous designer’ print wall posters

Fun wall prints and photo frames for decorating your friend’s workspace is a great way of keeping them surrounded by positivity.

Trendy fashion magazine subscriptions

As a hustling designer one needs to keep themselves up to date with or emailing trends and market demands. Make sure your friend doesn’t miss out on anything important and reacts to fashion by giving him/her a monthly fashion magazine subscription.

Fashion themed phone case

An uncommon fashion-themed phone case could be the gift that could bring a smile to your design friend’s face. Like you order cake online, you could get a swift delivery of the gift in no time.

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