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How To Make A Fluffy Pom Pom

Challenge your creativity and make a warm and fluffy Pom Pom. Do you want a cozy and chic decor that will embellish the space under your bed, the bathroom floor, or that you can use to decorate a piece of furniture or a bed? We suggest you try the pompom rug. This small rug is made of wool yarn in different colors and canvas.

If you have enough yarn but don’t want to knit, or you prefer to make a decoration for your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, it is worth spending some time on this playful project. Kids will love the small rugs made from tufts of wool yarn that are perfect for the nursery. There are various variations of making a pompom. At the bottom of the page, we show you a few. Or maybe you will prefer to buy Pom Pom fixtures specially made to aid you in making your fluffy pom poms.

The pompom rug is warm, colorful, and pleasant to the touch, and nothing can replace the pleasure of creating it with your own hands. Now see how to make the pompom rug and get inspired to experiment with the designs! You can alternate the sizes and colors of the pompoms to receive an original texture that will match your interior. It is also possible to create patterns, use a specific canvas shape, mix the colors to make a single pompom, and cool drawings.

Ombre pompom rug


  • 10 spools of thread
  • Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Rule


1. Cut the canvas to the desired size

2. Start making pom poms cover your desired size. Be patient for this step or find some friends who want to help you. The number of pompoms must be large enough

3. Tie the pom poms to the canvas by threading the thread, then threading it on the other side and tying a knot

4. To make the rug compact, turn your rug over and tie the pom pom threads together. Tie them in pairs, then tie them to other pom poms that are inches away. The denser the network, the firmer your carpet will be. So the back of the rug will have lots of crisscrossing threads. You can also thread the pompoms using a needle and make small bunches to attach to the canvas

5. To make the thick carpet, you must have the pompoms very close to each other. You can always fill in a place that does not seem very dense to you

To make a fluffy pom pom rug, you will need a multitude of wool pom poms. This work can go on for days. It is why we present to you a clever variant to make a large number of pompoms in a short time:


  • Colored thread – plain or two-tone
  • Scissors
  • Sons
  • A chair or a coffee table – you will need the two furniture legs


1. Take a large skein of yarn, or two, in different colors, if you wish

2. Tie one end of the wire to the table leg

3. Wrap the wire around the two legs of the table. For convenience, you can return it

4. Wind up a sufficient amount of thread and cut the rest

5. Tie the second end of the wire to the foot of the table

6. Start to tie the strands of the thread by knotting threads at the same distance

7. We get a long chain like a sausage chain

8. Cut the wire near the two fixing points

9. Segment the pompom chain as shown

10. Paint the pompoms with your hands

Here are three easy variations of making pom poms

Challenge your creativity and make a warm and fluffy pom pom

The First Variant

to make pompoms without any other materials than a woolen thread and your own hands

  • Take the string and start wrapping your four fingers as shown. Hold the thread tight enough to get a dense pom pom
  • Slip the loop out of your hands and tie its center with the thread to form two equal parts. Tie a knot
  • Cut the string but leave a tail long enough to tie the pompom to the canvas
  • Cut each side of the loop to make fringes


  • Start wrapping your ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. The thickness of the pompom depends on the amount of the wound yarn
  • Once you are done, cut a piece of the same yarn and circle the created loop
  • Tie two knots to secure the pompom and slip in your fingers
  • Cut the loops on both sides to receive strands
  • Massage the strands of the pompom into an excellent round shape and cut the ends so that they have the same length.

Second Variant

pompoms with the help of toilet paper rolls

  • Take two rolls of toilet paper
  • Place the wire securely between the two rollers
  • Start winding the thread around the two cardboard rolls
  • If you want, you can combine yarns of different colors
  • Cut a piece of the same yarn and wrap the loop between the two rolls. Then tie two knots
  • Remove the thread from the rollers and cut off the excess strands.

Third Variant

making pompoms with a fork. Very useful when you want to make tiny pom poms

· Place the wire between the forks to ink it

· Wrap the wire around the fork, pulling firmly

· Cut a piece of the thread and tie the loop in the middle

· Remove the buckle from the fork

· Cut the loop on both sides, and you will receive a cute pom pom.

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