How To Mount a Dartboard On Any Surface?

How To Mount a Dartboard

How to mount a dartboard? A proper dartboard layout may indeed require some creativity, especially if you’re making something for the first. This guide will assist you. You must determine the exact size of the dartboard’s height. On the other hand, you need to know the pitch’s distance from the board. It is measured by dividing it into rectangular or parallel lines. It differs for light and steel tips, which have precise guidelines. The proper way to hang your dartboard is quick and straightforward. Let’s take a look at how to mount a dartboard.

How to mount a dartboard

Find a free space

It is essential to create a flexible and not enclosed by obstructions. The pitch should be 5 feet in width and 11 feet long. Don’t be dazzled by the obstacles on the pitching route. Also, you should create a space for players and viewers. In addition, you must make space to place the scoreboard next to the board. This will allow everyone to enjoy playing.

Install the flooring

There’s a good chance that you don’t have the luxury of designing particular flooring suitable for your dartboard. However, you must be aware that darts may quickly ruin floors or be a distant memory from a regular game. It is recommended to use dart mats. It will assist you in finding the precise distance from the pitch line.

Verify the floor’s level

Likely, you didn’t verify when you moved into an unfinished home. Make sure that the flooring is even. Certain houses can tilt as time passes, and steel plates construct floors. It is recommended to lay out carpet or cardboard to cover the pitching surface to make up for any irregularities.

Assure the safety of players and other visitors

The dartboard should be placed in a secure, separate area. Ensuring that the dartboard is kept away from doors and other broken objects is essential. Be sure you’re not planning to harm any person who is crossing the dart’s line or want to stop the game when players don’t have a choice to play in the space, then put it in a safe place. Stand at a safe distance from the dartboard. For that, you must know how far do you stand from a dartboard. If any broken or essential items could be easily damaged, it is recommended to change storage place.

Restore the wall using an insulated hardboard

Likely, the darts will not bounce off the board in all cases if your players are not proficient enough. The hardboard should be used to safeguard the wall and surrounding space. Depending on your energy and money, you can also put your board by purchasing or making an additional layer of protection or cabinet. The beginners always do not see the circles on the dartboard. Therefore, you should create an assembly or covering that is three inches in width in addition to four inches when hanging your dartboard.

Marking and measuring the bullseye

The official rules state that the dartboard’s center needs to be at least five feet and eight inches higher than the floor. High-quality boards are attached to the middle of the board, and some are attached at the very top. I’m assuming that you have an item that hangs on the upper. You must now take measurements between the hanger kit and the middle of the bullseye. After that, you must add it to five feet and eight inches to find the right height.

Attach the disc at the rear of the board

The countersink should be to the side and put the support disc of the board on the rear of the middle point in the center of the panel. Screw it into the central hole to secure the location. The majority of dartboards come with three holes to secure the board in place with a secure.

Install your wall brace

It is essential to fix the wall brace to ensure you can see that it’s the point where the center of your dartboard is at the height of five feet and eight inches high above the ground.vThe wall brace could be fitted with the opening at the top shaped like a U, which faces you. The screws must be screwed into the center hole when aligned with the hole in the middle in the wall brace.vIt is possible to remove it later because it’s only utilized to make sure all braces are on the same level. It is recommended to use a standard brace and four C screws. Remove the center screw when the braces are at a level.

Stabilizing by fixing the screw over the brace

It is essential to align your dartboard by keeping the 20 scoring areas horizontal as you place the dartboard on your wall braces. Make sure you have the dartboard securely fixed. After the braces have been mounted, place the board in a suitable position and then put it on the underpinnings of the wall.

Set up for the line of the pitch

Making the pitch line 3 feet long and seven inches long is recommended. 9.25 inches away from the forward edge of the steel-tip dartboard to be set up, or 8 feet from a soft-tipped board. It is possible to use measuring tapes or wood pieces, or even a piece of metal.

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