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Disciplined Law Firm in Lahore:

If you are looking for a disciplined law firm in Lahore Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Our Law firm in Lahore Pakistan & Law Firm in Lahore is top and famous In All over Lahore & Pakistan Due to best Services in court. It is the ultimate sanction, and the Advocate will remain struck off until such time (if ever) that he can persuade the tribunal to restore his name to the Advocates’ Roll. In the meantime, he cannot practice as a Advocate, although he can work as a non-Advocate in a law firm in Lahore Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore if he first obtains the Law Society’s consent.

Divisional Court:

The Advocate can appeal the decision to the Divisional Court of the Queen’s Bench Division. The punishments imposed by the disciplinary tribunal are published in the Law Society’s Gazette, and this publicity will, in itself, often be a considerable punishment for a Advocate. Most complaints that are upheld relate to delay by the Advocate and other acts of professional misconduct. It is breaches of the accounting rules that are regarded as most serious, and a Advocate who (for instance) invests clients’ money for his benefit can expect to be struck off by the disciplinary tribunal. In theory, these controls over Advocates sound admirable.

General Public:

In practice, of course, adverse publicity has led to the general public having little confidence in the Law Society’s ability (or willingness) to investigate complaints against law firm in Lahore Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore. It may have exaggerated these problems, but changes will have to be made. Certainly, the Law Society itself has belatedly woken up to these problems and seems to be trying to improve its internal procedures.

Corporate Lawyer in Lahore:

One constructive suggestion made by the law firm in Lahore Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore has been that it should order Advocates to make their errors and refund their fees. When work has been done badly, surprisingly, the Law Society is presently unable to do this. Perhaps a more sensible and far-reaching reform would be to take the job of handling complaints against Advocates away from the Law Society and hand it to an independent body of non-lawyers.

Tricky Problem:

As with the tricky problem complaints against the police, that is the only real way. The Administration of Justice Act 1985 will change the rules on complaints against Advocates. In particular, it will be possible to complain about the bad work done by a law firm in Lahore Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore. At present, you can only complain if the Advocate has been guilty of professional misconduct, not just because he has done a bad job. When the 1985 Act is fully in force, you may be able to complain if the Advocate has not done the job to a proper standard.

Arbitration Scheme:

In addition, there may soon be an Arbitration Scheme (as an alternative to court proceedings) for claims against negligent Advocates. It, it is hoped, will provide a quicker, more informal remedy. Suing a negligent law firm in Lahore Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore- the Law Society may uphold a complaint, but it will not compensate the client. If he has suffered loss, the client’s remedy is to sue the Advocate in the courts.

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