Types of Zero Turn Mowers | 2021 Best Buying Guide


In this part of the post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the kinds of zero-turn lawn mowers in addition to features that you ought to watch out for when purchasing among these makers.

Types of Zero Turn Mowers

These makers look and work the same, but you can still separate them into several categories based upon their efficiency and cost.

Entry-Level Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 to 3.5 gallons
  • Engine Size: Single or twin cylinders

As their name suggests, these devices are residential best zero turn mowers in their easiest and most inexpensive kind. They’re the best option for house owners who don’t understand much about these kinds of the mower and require a piece of recommendations purchasing a mower.

While they are cheaper and easier to use than the more expensive designs, they’re not robust or resilient. Entry-level models are fantastic for beginners and folks who own smaller lawns.

Mid-Grade Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3 to 4 gallons
  • Engine Size: Twin cylinders

These zero-turn lawn mowers are for daily domestic usage. They are faster, more effective, and more durable than many entry-level makers of this type.

Those who choose to opt for a mid-grade zero turn mower enjoy the better overall performance and a more heavy-duty design. Still, if you have a truly little lawn, a mower of this type might quickly be more than you require.

Semi-Pro Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 to 8 gallons
  • Engine Size: Twin cylinders

Out of all types of zero-turn lawn mowers, semi-pro models are most likely the most versatile. Opting for among these machines is not a decision you’re most likely to regret.

Semi-pro zero-turn lawn mowers are for everyday use. They reach greater speeds and can mow big swathes of land without needing to pick up tank refilling. They are as easy to utilize as the lawnmowers from the previous two categories.

Commercial-Grade Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 to 8 gallons
  • Engine Size: Twin cylinders

Do you own a huge lawn? Your best option is to choose a commercial-grade zero-turn mower. A machine of this type is the ideal choice for individuals whose backyards cover an area bigger than 5 acres.

Undoubtedly, these are the most effective zero-turn mowers. They make quick work of any lawn turf in a brief quantity of time. That is precisely why they get used to golf courses and similarly big, grass-covered areas that need frequent mowing.

Traits to Look For in a Zero Turn Mower

Here is what to keep an eye out for when you’re buying one of these makers:

Suitable Deck Size

One of the essential variables one would require to think about while shopping for a zero-turn mower would be crucial variables. It goes without stating. However, designs with larger decks can trim more lawns with each succeeding pass, and this can significantly reduce the time needed to finish the task.

Nevertheless, those who require to get into tight corners and mow around challenges will not be able to do so with a zero-turn mower whose deck is on a larger side. It may prevent you from reaching all those problematic areas, giving the finished task an amateurish look.

If you have a big lawn, look for a unit with the biggest cutting deck possible. If your lawn is small and filled with numerous challenges, choose a zero-turn mower with a deck whose size is between 32″ and 42″.

Cutting Discharge Methods

When shopping for a zero-turn mower, one likewise requires to think about how the machine will discharge mowed turf. The cut lawn has to go somewhere– it won’t simply vanish.

Fortunately, these kinds of lawnmowers typically offer users a couple of different discharge methods. These consist of:

Discharging– it’s the same technique used by regular push lawnmowers. The turf gets shot out the side of the zero-turn mower.

Mulching– this method turns the mowed grass into a nutrient-rich compost that sinks into the ground.

Bagging– as the name recommends, this technique includes using a connected container that fills with mowed yard during operation.

Engine & Blades

As we already stated, a zero-turn mower with a bigger and more effective engine is much faster and more effective. Besides your lawn size, another factor that ought to identify your mower’s power level is the kind of turf you’ll be cutting.

Not all turf is the same, and it depends on your place of living. You may be handling softer or thicker grass. Some kinds of lawns are incredibly coarse, such as Bermuda or Zoysia yard.

If this is the sort of lawn you require to cut, your best option is to get a zero-turn mower with many big and thick blades. A one-blade zero turn mower is seldom a good option for Bermuda turf but can certainly work to trim the thinner yard.

Cutting coarse turf needs more horsepower, too. Get a model with an effective twin-cylinder motor that will supply you with the required quantity of power to handle thicker turf.

Durability & Aesthetics

Many people tend to get sidetracked by sleek-looking makers. When searching for a zero-turn mower, remember that its look can be tricking. A bright and shiny model might be a piece of junk you’ll be sorry for spending money on that.

Try to get rid of the look of your future zero-turn mower from your list. When it comes to zero-turn lawn mowers, those purchasing a good-looking maker of this type to impress their neighbors must reevaluate their priorities. Looks are the least important thing.

Toughness, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. You’ll desire to obtain a design that will serve you for the years to come, i.e., a durable, rugged zero-turn mower with a sturdy steel frame and a complex, steel-made cutting deck.

Convenience Level

The level of comfort that your prospective zero-turn mower will offer needs to depend upon the amount of time you generally spend mowing.

If you own a medium-sized lawn that you trim for half an hour weekly, convenience features are not something you require to stress over. Owners of more extensive lawns should get a model with a comfortable seat, foam-padded hand grips, vibration dampeners, and well-cushioned armrests.

Best Zero Turn Mowers- The Verdict

Thus you get advice above on how to get the best zero-turn mower and short reviews of the ten most trendy models on today’s market.

Hopefully, this post has helped you determine which zero-turn mower best suits your needs.

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